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My Photography Site – TheRipestPics

January 9, 2014

TheRipestPics on WordPress and Gridspace

I’ve been busy working on my writing and photography websites this week.

Here at sublimedays is where I do my social media writing. And I sometimes enhance a post with one of my photographs.

But I have another site, TheRipestPics, where I display my photography. It’s pictured above.

Since the time I started posting photos to TheRipestPics (early 2012), Wordpress has come a long way with its theme offerings for photographers. Yesterday, I decided to switch to a gallery theme for my photo site. I chose Gridspace ($79) and I love the look. I am still working out some kinks, reading helpful comments over at the forum.

If you have a few minutes, please visit TheRipestPics and enjoy my photography. You’ll find a nice array of images – many gifts from nature! I like what I’ve done with the Galleries page and plan to add more galleries soon.

By the way, my very first blog, SilverLining-MaryMcAvoy, which I began to write in 2007, is a photo-blog. It is hosted at Google’s blogspot. Though I don’t post to it anymore, it’s a gem of a site, not because of me but because of the mystery and beauty found in nature. The blog chronicles the four seasons in and around a tiny pond in New England, over the course of a five-year period. I was an amateur photographer when I began the site and an amateur naturalist as well. My development as a photographer and naturalist evolves in SilverLining, post by post. Sadly, I moved away from the pond and so the blog came to an end. But many of the images at TheRipestPics come from that time and location.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find at TheRipestPics – it’s the image I posted there yesterday. This is an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly enjoying the blossoms of a butterfly bush in Connecticut.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

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