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Jessica Lange Publishes Photo-based Children’s book titled It’s About A Little Bird

January 8, 2014

image it's about a little bird by Jessica Lange

Actress Jessica Lange, who I remember best for her portrayal of the character Julie in the movie Tootsie, has recently published a children’s book titled, It’s About A Little Bird (October 2013, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky).

Lange, who is now a grandmother, is an accomplished photographer. She’s built this book around these two passions – her grandchildren and her photography.

I enjoyed this interview with Travis Smiley in which Lange shares that all of her photographic work is done with film and also, that she develops all of her shots in her own darkroom. I’m seriously impressed and humbled!

And that’s only the half of it. For each image in this book, Lange employed an old technique – hand-tinting of black and white photos – her own tinting of her own black and white photos. As she says on the book jacket, “Nothing was done digitally.”

Once you see a hand-tinted photograph, the look is not forgotten. The first time I saw one, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I thought I was imagining color into the black and white photo. The image was only slightly colored and in only one area – the blossoms on rose bushes along a stone wall in a photograph of the English countryside.

For her book illustrations, Lange has fully colored the photographs – as was typically done in the era (mid to late 1800s) that this technique was employed. The end result has a wonderful quality that I’m sure children will respond to.

Lange’s book is available at Amazon.

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