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An Author Who Loves Her Own Books!

May 5, 2017



After a three-year hiatus from writing (because my daughter was sick with cancer – but at the moment is doing well), I have this year finally found the focus to revisit works that were actively in progress in the spring of 2014. At last, I’m advancing the writing of Kaleidoscope Chips, my fourth novel, as well as editing my third novel, Love, Topaz. While writing KC is utterly draining (thematically, it’s about domestic abuse), editing Love, Topaz is pure delight for me. I hadn’t read it in nearly three years. It’s as fresh and as engaging as I thought it to be while I wrote it.

Written as a subtle comedy of manners set in a writers retreat, Love, Topaz has the magical quality that sparks my inner joy whenever and wherever love abounds, as it does with increasing amounts as the story progresses.

Briefly, the now-a-day storyline is this: Jerome is a young, anxious writer who can’t write without his love, his muse, Topaz, nearby. So he sneaks her into a writers retreat where he’s in residence for a week. Jerome and Topaz’s love is so enormous it cannot stay contained in their little room, and as time goes by, their pure love begins to seep out into the retreat house and to spill and spread throughout the tiny Virginia hamlet in which the writers retreat is located. The results are enchanting as the infectious nature of love works its magic.

Love, Topaz has a naive tone. I have worried that the book is not edgy enough to fit into a top genre market. But this week I saw the movie La La Land and I la-la-loved it! Apparently, despite its heartwarming innocence, so did lots of people, as shown in its awards success as well as its tremendous box office sales. This gives me great hope that a book like Love, Topaz will find an audience.

That is my totally biased critique of my own book, Love, Topaz! 🙂  I’ll keep you posted as my editing progresses and its publishing date draws near.

I’ve added a new page to this site. Visit Love, Topaz and read sample excerpts from the book! Enjoy!

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