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Happy Halloween from the Parkington Sisters and me

October 31, 2013

Parkington Sisters at FenwayI’m sitting here at the kitchen table waiting for the knocks on the door or the buzz of the decades-old bell. It’s a rainy night but still the squeal of young voices comes in waves as children course through the neighborhood on their quest for candy and the thrill of the spooky night. I haven’t seen the Batman or Spiderman or any other recognizable character. These are the children of several generations behind me changing the Halloween landscape of my hometown.

To while away the time between Halloween visitors, I’m at my computer checking email and facebook. In my inbox is the latest update from a musical group of sisters, the Parkington Sisters, who I had the distinct (they are unique) pleasure of seeing in concert as they led in for Chris Smither at a show in Arlington, Mass. last year. The four sisters are well-trained musically and they present a unique visual style onstage – each interestingly attractive and talented in her own way.

Their music, much of which they’ve written, is described on their home page: “…combined with their individual talents – each of the sisters is a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist – lays the foundation for their multifaceted sound. With soaring melodies, tumbling from optimistic heights to eerie lows, vibrant harmonies and intricate arrangements, their songwriting incorporates the eclectic songwriting of Joni Mitchell and Aimee Mann, the energy of June Carter and the hit potential of Mumford and Sons.”

They were present at Fenway Park last night, guests of the Red Sox and the Dropkick Murphys, who sang the National Anthem for that historical game.

To celebrate Halloween, the Parkington Sisters, in their email tonight, shared their eerie version of the American folk song, In the Pines.

Here are two songs of theirs that are favorites of mine:


Ours by the Day

Happy Halloween from the Parkington Sisters and me!

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