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Sunday’s Snapshots – More Spring Blossoms and New England Gardens

June 15, 2014


I feel as if I’m a one-trick pony with my Sunday’s Snapshots. Not only do I keep repeating images of New England flowers and blossoms, I’m going back to the same place, the Stevens-Coolidge house, to take photos.

I am amazed at how the gardens have looked fresh for weeks now. It must be a well thought out gardening plan so that new blossoms are coming as others are on the wane.

The photos in today’s post were taken yesterday with my new camera, the Nikon D3200. I’m really enjoying getting to know this camera. I have much to learn. I understand many concepts but it’s a matter of figuring out the shortest route to achieving them with a new layout of buttons and screen displays.

I refer to these Sunday posts as “snapshots” but I think that you can count on many of the photos I post on Sundays as being moderately good photography. I post my best photos at The Ripest Pics, my photography site. Hop on over there anytime to see what I’ve posted on that site over the past four years.

Enjoy today’s images by clicking on any one of them and viewing in the gallery where you can scroll through enlarged versions of them.

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  1. June 25, 2014 7:03 am

    very colorful 🙂


    • June 25, 2014 10:26 pm

      Hi Joshi, thanks for the visit and comment.
      I’m sure that to an amazing b/w photographer like yourself, my photos are wildly colorful!
      Your last photo is stunning. I keep going back to it.
      It’s so intimate with a rare subject.
      I hope my followers check out your site.


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