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About My Novels

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Love’s Compass (published 2009) and The Setting of the Sun (published 2012) are novellas. Each is about 25,000 words in length.

Currently, I’m editing Love, Topaz  – a full-length novel of 65,000 words.

At the same time, I’m writing my fourth novel, Kaleidoscope Chips.

All of my books to date have an aspect of love at their core. Love’s Compass shows the inclination of humans to be drawn to love when it is absent from their lives. In The Setting of the Sun, true love overpowers death. In Love, Topaz, the infectious nature of young love is delightfully portrayed. Like a counterbalance, Kaleidoscope Chips tells of the devastating impact that radiates from one moment absent of love.

Visit my pages for Love’s Compass and The Setting of the Sun for excerpts from each of these published books. They can be ordered through Amazon in book form or downloaded to your Kindle.

See Love’s Compass at Amazon.   See The Setting of the Sun at Amazon.

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Love's Compass

Add The Setting of The Sun to your Goodreads list!

The Setting of the Sun

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