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Saturday’s Songs – He Can Only Hold Her by Amy Winehouse

January 11, 2014

This Saturday’s song came to me on Tuesday and I prepared this post right away that evening, knowing no other song would top it for me this week. Though I’m a big fan of Amy’s, I’d never before heard He Can Only Hold Her.

Of the versions I listened to for this post, the one I’ve linked to is my favorite. It’s also the version I first heard. It has a great ’60s-’70s groove with a tremendous horn sound.

The opening riff sounds like something Jimi would have gifted to Amy, knowing that she’d one day join him and the other super-talents of the music industry who left this world in their 27th year.

In my opinion Amy Winehouse was the top female talent of her time, despite her demons.

In memory of Amy, how about getting up and dancing to this song!

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