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Hi Guys – and that means you ladies, too

July 1, 2010

There’s a new thing going on socially, and I decided over dinner Saturday night that I don’t like it.  If Miss Manners is still Miss Mannering, I invite her to chime in.

For the past year, I have noticed that wait staff in restaurants refer to me and my dining guests as “you guys.”

“You guys all set?”
“You guys want more water?”
“You guys want to see the dessert menu?”

…and the final straw this weekend, “You guys like that bottle of wine?”

I try to be cool about changing with the times. And I think I’m doing alright. I’m a little behind in the world of who’s who in Hollywood. I pick up an issue of People in my hair salon, and I know…sadly…really…about one third of the people being talked about. Maybe a smidgen more, but not much more.

And to ballpark my age for you guys, the one magazine cover on the news stands right now that really has my attention and might cause me to actually purchase the magazine is Vanity Fair, with a stunning picture of Liz Taylor (the Liz Taylor I remember) and a tempting headline about “the truth behind Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ ” – or something like that. Both LT and MJ (who, come to think of it were pals…) were part of the culture of my formative years. I look at the covers of the other magazines and I have no idea who I’m looking at. Part of my ignorance comes from never watching T.V., but some of my cluelessness comes from my age.

I’m not so old that I never said to my friends – guys and girls – “What are you guys up to tonight?” But that’s where the expression stayed — in the youthful, casual, social scene.  How this expression has followed me and is being echoed from the past over candlelight and fine wine is beyond me.

I think my face shows a daft expression whenever I hear “you guys” from the wait staff. I’m perplexed, I’m dumbfounded, and I’m trying to do the math for an 18%, 16%, 14% tip, each time it’s repeated.

But in the end, I leave the 20% and just bite my tongue as I hear, “You guys come back again!”

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  1. August 24, 2010 9:28 am

    A nun I worked with really hated to be called a guy. She had a very asute series of comments to question why someone thought she was a guy. It changed my approach some and when I hear it used I can still hear her ranting.Men,ladies or people works well.I also see my using this when describing a bird or something in nature, “He looked like he was going to..”.Obviously a vernacular we have developed through misuse of identities.Had fun looking over your blogs. Are you self published with your book?


    • December 6, 2010 9:00 pm

      Thanks for your comment to this post. Sorry for being so long in posting it! I’m neglecting all my blogs…although, I’m hoping to get back to them in 2011 – which I hope to be a more settled year. And, I’m busy writing. Yes, first book is self published. Second book, The Setting of the Sun, is being looked at by Algonquin…but novellas, my specialty, are so difficult to sell to publishers. Why? I have no idea!!! I LOVE novellas. Some of the best books of all time are novellas. Plus, in this economy, people’s wallets are shallow and their attention span short! So, the novella should be a no-brainer sale! Thanks for visiting my site!


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