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Bird Brain

June 21, 2010

I can’t help myself. Summer arrives and baby birds are everywhere and mama and papa birds are caring for them and I love watching them. So, twice a day, I act as if I’m getting exercise and I “go for a walk,” i.e., I go for a photo shoot – which I don’t think burns any calories. But, look at this:

Baltimore Oriole Adult Female Feeding Hatchlings

…and this… 

Baltimore Oriole Fledgling with Adult Male

This is a baby bird on its first day out of the nest! Click on the image for larger viewing and note the grip this bird has on the little twig to its right. I think it’s pleading with its father, “Please put me back in the nest!”

To see more photos and to read my photo blog essays about the last couple of weeks watching the Baltimore Orioles, go to SilverLining, my nature blog.

I’ve been neglecting sublime days as I chronicle the birds. And now that I have a minute to write at sublime days, what am I writing about, the  birds!

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