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Well, Here I Am…on WordPress

January 12, 2010

I’ll be honest and let you know right up front that my landing here has everything to do with marketing. Shamelessly I tell you, I have written a book and the ten marketing tips I got from my publisher are to:

– set up a blog “using the wildly popular and easy-to-use WordPress platform” (ok. check. done.)

– set up a Facebook profile (I’ll consider this.)

– set up a Facebook page for my book (…will consider this if and when I put myself on Facebook)

– set up a MySpace page for my book (…will not be doing…)

– get a Flickr account that is integrated with my social network (I’m a photographer, so maybe…)

– get a FeedBurner account to help me deliver my blog to the masses (…hmmm…ok…)

– get a Shelfari social book account (I’ve got one.)

– get a Goodreads social book account (I’ve got one.)

– get a LibraryThing book-cataloging account (I’ll look into this.)

– start a Twitter micro-blogging account  (I don’t think so…)

So this is it, sublime days, my WordPress presence. 

I’m not new to blogging. I’ve blogged for three years, though more sporadically this year as “hobby time” has been at a premium while I’ve focussed on my business and my book and my life.

My intention with this blog (in addition to the not so subtle marketing thrust)

a novel by Mary McAvoy

 is to remind us that no matter how downcast we might feel (for even legitimate reasons) – and with true empathy for those who struggle with issues of health, sorrow, and economic stresses (myself included) – any days that bombs are not dropping on us and buildings are not falling around us, and we can access food for our children – days that we can breathe, we can smile (it’s a choice), we can hug and kiss those we love – are sublime days.


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