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The neatest thing is happening!

January 13, 2010

Years ago, maybe 15 years ago, a group of moms at my children’s school shared their talent and skills on the PTSO and on a committee to find space solutions for the overcrowded elementary schools in our community. Not so creatively, for the second committee, we referred to ourselves as “The Space Committee”, which led to all sorts of spin-off names – ending with us calling ourselves “space-cadets” – again, not so clever, but amusing to us – who were just beginning to feel the effects of our aging minds.  “PFA”s (thoughts Pulled From the Air) were regular events at our meetings, so were “brain farts” – those awful moments when you completely forget what you are talking about, mid-sentence.

Still, we did wonderful work together and when our solutions for the schools were put into place and our terms on the PTSO ended, we missed each other. 

In time someone came up with the brilliant idea of forming a book club. We are all bright, thoughtful, well-read women — it was a natural. Plus, we love to eat and chat. For about three years we met fairly regularly.

Then life changed for many of us. Some changes were those in the natural course of life – children off to college, our work hours increasing, our parents needing our time and care. And some changes were the sort that each of us dreads – illness, divorce, overwhelming sorrows.

While we were a serious book club at the beginning (even doing a stretch of non-fiction), after a while the book talk lasted about 20 minutes each time we met, as catching up on each others’ news became more important and lasted two to three hours. For our final gatherings, we wouldn’t even bother to read a book.  We just wanted to be together. So, we’d suggest to each other books we were reading, mingled in with girl talk about our children, our mothers, and the phases and symptoms of menopause, which was on our horizon. And we’d laugh, a lot.

The span of time between our meetings stretched longer and longer, and I think it’s now been nearly two years since the group has met. But ever hopeful, I’m sure we’ve all kept our “Book Club” email group in our contact lists. And today, I pulled up my list and sent an email to them, telling them about my book, with the hope of enticing them out into the winter cold some night soon for shared company, shared food, and lots of hugs.

Since sending the email, my day has been sprinkled with delightful replies. Like springtime bulbs breaking through the soil, each of the women has popped up in my inbox with a message that matches the color of her personality. And with great excitement we are tossing out potential dates for our gab fest, er, book discussion.

It looks as if we will be meeting again, and soon. I cannot wait! Yay!

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