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In Honor of Sprite – a poem by Mary McAvoy

July 19, 2015



In Honor of Sprite
    by Mary McAvoy

Tonight I washed the kitchen floor and there went the last traces of your paw prints.
When I shower now, the water will rinse from my legs the residue left by your wet nose
when it came up against me, the last sense able to find your home base.

Down the drain will go the flecks of dirt from your fur and paws as you sat at my feet for the last time
and I stroked your warm body.

I know you are lingering here.
Either you can’t let go of me,
your source of safety –
or I can’t let go of you,
my constant.

Soon, after 16 years of 64 seasons, we’ll drift fully apart
and you will remain only a memory to me.
How odd that seems, when you are so freshly real.

Run now! You are free to go!
Enjoy the others who are happy to have you among them!
You are a sprite – delight them!

And I will miss you, till we meet again.

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