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My Guest Blogging Gig With Leanne Cole Photography

June 10, 2014

SEO post by Mary McAvoy

Yesterday, one of my favorite photography sites, Leanne Cole Photography, hosted me as a guest blogger as part of the Up For Discussions series. Leanne, whose site has been featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed, posts daily to her site. I’ve been enjoying her blog for several months now and I encourage you to check it out!

My guest post yesterday at Leanne’s site is Part 1 in a two-part series about SEO for photographers. The post is geared to WordPress users, though the tips I offer apply to any website. Part 2, which is about how to effectively label your photos to maximize SEO, will post next week on Leanne’s site.

I have really enjoyed reading and responding to the comments on the post!

My thanks to Leanne for a fun experience!

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