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Sunday’s Snapshots – Boston, Mass.

April 27, 2014

Several times during the past few weeks I’ve gone to Boston. Some of these trips into the city have been in the early hours of the morning (in an effort to avoid rush hour) while other times have been late in the day, resulting in my having to sit in my car through heavy, slow traffic jams.

I love Boston. And like many cities, Boston is a photographer’s paradise. This can be frustrating if I’m doing the driving and the traffic is going along at a good clip. Photo op after photo op passes me by.

But in the past week when I was in the city I did have the opportunity to take a few shots with my cell phone when the traffic slowed or when I wasn’t driving.

In this collection of a few photos taken with my htc one phone, you’ll see an early morning shot of a Boston Hubway bike station, a glimpse of Fenway Park (very out of focus…the car was moving), an obstructed view (by a truck) of the Charles River and Cambridge taken from Storrow Drive, and the ever-thrilling-to-me Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill (cable-stayed) Bridge.

I think it was from Boylston Street that I took a shot of one of the old buildings that I love to see in that area and along Storrow Drive, just after you merge in and head toward Government Center on Storrow. There are grand old buildings all along that stretch of Storrow. Unfortunately, I was both driving and going to fast to capture any more images along Storrow. Another time…when I’m not driving.

The quality of these photos is not good! I’ve cropped them to remove some distracting things, like the door mirror or a big chunk of the dashboard or the inspection sticker on the windshield. You can see reflection on the windshield and distortion and out of focus frames. But what I love about these photos is that they are “living” photos. They are taken in fractions of a second as these scenes pass by in peripheral motion. They capture moving views of the city that are not set up or planned. I like the imperfect elements in these images. They reveal that these are living, action photos.

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