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The Sun Magazine and Author Barbara Kingsolver

March 6, 2014
The Sun Magazine - March 2014

March 2014 issue of The Sun Magazine

I’ve written before about my love of The Sun Magazine. However, even in love, we sometimes become neglectful…as I did when I let my subscription lapse last fall. I missed out on three issues. Finally, I woke from my past-time-to-renew stupor and resubscribed.

As always, it was with an audible expression of glee that I reacted to finding the magazine again in my mailbox this week.

And my joy increased when I saw that the March issue interview, titled The Moral Universe, is with Barbara Kingsolver, author of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and many other thoughtful books, both fiction and non-fiction, about humans’ relationship with nature, sustainability and climate change, among many other themes.

What I like about her is that through her writing she inspires us to think more deeply and care more profoundly and improve with purpose – to preserve the planet and, thereby, ourselves.

I think that anyone who reads The Sun would say that it informs them in a way that is sorely missing from mainstream media. But it can also be discouraging in its honesty. Some readers, myself included, need to take a break from it sometimes, or at least, be selective in the features that we read in each issue. I find some of the fiction and memoirs to be heartbreaking in their realism. Nonetheless, the magazine adds tremendous value to any thinking person’s cache of insight.

And I love that The Sun is advertisement free – such a unique treat in a time when every visual media experience is a bombardment of ads. Ad-free doesn’t guarantee there’s not a  beholden vibe to the articles. But it cuts the likelihood of undue influence dramatically.

If ever you’ve considered trying out The Sun, this year’s March issue would be a good one to test run.

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