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Friday’s Photos – Alpha and Omega

April 30, 2010

A few days ago it was raw cold and rainy here. It was winter cold again. But toward the end of the day, just before the sun dropped over the horizon, the clouds cleared. The setting sun blazed through the trees for minutes only. Its day was done.

Last Minutes of the Day

Today, as I walked around a pond near my house, the life cycle was shown to me, as happens each spring, with this Canada Geese family. The size of this family is small. Either only two goslings were born, or nature has done away with their siblings.

Canada Geese - A Family of Four

These fiddleheads have yet to open,


but just behind them perfect conditions – sunlight? water? shade? – have caused others to open.

Ferns, unfurling

Looking skyward, a jet heads to some corner of the world, plotting its start point and end point on a pixel graph of blue.

Jet-Heading to a Corner of the World

Nature displays beginnings and endings, starts and finishes, the alpha and the omega. And we step in its rhythm.

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