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Spring Blossoms

April 26, 2010

Dogwood in Blossom

Where I live, spring’s in bloom. As I look out my kitchen window, two dogwoods (shown above), one placed perfectly behind the other, reach to the sky. 

Pink Extravaganza

A short walk up my street is an almost embarrassing display of nature – this showy pink spectacle, which makes me smile, as it seems to color the air a pale hint of baby girl . While the white dogwood stays in bloom for two weeks or so, this pink blossomed tree loses its petals in a matter of days.

One Sprig of Blossoms

Up close above, how perfect these blossoms? And below, how tender the bud. 

Each Unto Its Own Time

Here’s the trunk of a tree that I’ve watched rot for the past three years. 

Split Tree Trunk

See the branch heading off to the right? Today I was so excited to see that it has leaves and gorgeous white blossoms. I’m astounded that there is enough life coming up the trunk to sustain these beautiful sprays. 

 …for these blessings in an ordinary day…thank you.

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