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Guerrilla Marketing

April 1, 2010

Recently, I was interviewed for an article for a local weekly paper. As the staff reporter and I talked about my efforts to market my book, I was flattered to have him refer to my initiatives as “guerrilla marketing.” In truth, I’ve been out straight marketing Love’s Compass, so much so in fact, that I haven’t posted to this blog in a couple of weeks.

I’ve pushed beyond my comfort zone by figuring out how to run GoogleAds (I’m still not totally clear on the bidding aspect), by building an e-shop, and by standing at a mic before a group of strangers at a bookstore as I read from Love’s Compass. (Lucky for me, in the end, the audience enjoyed the reading as much as I did.)

I do all these varied things in varied markets to generate a buzz, to set brush fires here and there, in the hope that they will spark and spread and become a wildfire.

My inspiration for this activity is the previously-mentioned-in-this-blog Malcolm Gladwell and his book The Tipping Point.

But what I consider to be the most influential thrust for Love’s Compass’ market success is my own optimistic energy – my belief that this book is a good novel, and that I’m a good writer.

Class dismissed.

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