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A Poem by Mary McAvoy – Digging My New Digs

September 25, 2014

red sunrise

Sunrise out my window this morning.

Digging My New Digs

by Mary McAvoy

This is where I rest,
where my mind revels,
where my heart beats a mellow lub-dup,
and my muscles melt in relief.
Alone, at long last,
to shed life’s weight –
to shake it off like a four-legged rids itself of dust
after a trek across barren terrain.
Give me Bacchus, give me nourishing greens.
Let me dance on these floors that are mine and mine alone.
Wild, free dancing,
to music that only my ears hear.

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  1. September 25, 2014 1:08 pm

    What a stunning sunset you had a chance to witness and share it with us too, And beautiful words to compliment it šŸ™‚


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