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The Parkington Sisters Are Playing in Brooklyn, New York, On Wednesday, 9-17-14

September 16, 2014
Fun, right?!  The Parkington Sisters (photo copyright to The Parkington Sisters) Click on image to visit their site!

Fun, right?!
The Parkington Sisters (photo copyright to The Parkington Sisters) Click on image to visit their site!

I’ve been thinking of morphing my featured posts, Saturday’s Songs, into Tuesday’s Tunes, the reason being that sublime days doesn’t seem to get much traffic on the weekend. Maybe that’s the nature of blogging, maybe it’s the nature of sites of this nature. Anyway, here’s my first foray into Tuesday’s Tunes.

Today I received an e-newsletter from The Parkington Sisters, a band of four female siblings who are abundantly talented. I saw them when they opened for Chris Smither a couple of years ago when I was in Arlington, Massachusetts to enjoy an evening of music with my son who had given the ticket to see Smither to me for Christmas the prior year. It was a great night. I’d seen Smither before and I thoroughly enjoy his shows. I’d never seen anyone open for him. He had chosen this quartet of talent, I’m sure, in an effort to help advance their popularity because he recognized they are gifted.

In any event, today’s Parkington Sisters e-newsletter, to which I subscribe, announced that The Parkington Sisters are en route to Brooklyn, New York, for a Wednesday night performance where they will be opening at Rough Trade for Marco Benevento. Please, People of Brooklyn, go to this show. It will be a mid-week pick-you-up. Wonder no more what’s happening in Brooklyn this week! This is where to be!

So that you have a taste of what The Parkington Sisters will be doing, here’s a perfect song by this band for this September shift into fall.

Here’s a sampling of Marco Benevento’s sound…

Okay, call your friends and make your plans!

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