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Saturday’s Songs – Supernova by Ray LaMontagne, White Lies by Max Frost, Valerie by Amy Winehouse

June 7, 2014

I was driving to a friend’s house one evening last week. At last it felt as if summer might come this year. It was a gorgeous evening, the brilliant sun casting a golden glow, and yet my mood was down. The friend I was visiting has lived near me for over 40 years and she’s moving away, far away, in a few days. No more meeting up for lunch or dinner. I’ve been back and forth to her house to help her pack. Mostly, I’ve been cherishing the time with her.

I wanted to cheer up before I arrived at her house. I didn’t want to bring her down into my mood! I want her to be excited about her move.

The music gods must have heard the yearnings of my heart – so they guided me to some fabulous upbeat dance music on my car radio! And, as I drove along, I sang and seat-danced my way to cheerfulness as I drove the 30 minutes to my friend’s house.

Three songs did the trick –
Ray Lamontagne’s Supernova (This song’s video is so retro to the era of my teen years – it’s awesome!)
Max Frost’s White Lies (Love the beat of this tune.)
Amy Winehouse’s Valerie, which I think I’ve posted before. (Love Amy. Love this upbeat version of Valerie.)

Jump up and dance!

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  1. June 7, 2014 2:09 pm

    So sad to leave long time friends. I’m looking forward to meeting up with some of mine soon. Keep your music on!


    • June 7, 2014 2:28 pm

      I’ve already booked a flight to visit with her in the fall.
      Till then, I’ll blare the music and sing and dance!
      Thank God for the ease of communication – email – cell phone – texting.
      How did we get by before all this!?
      I was remembering recently a time in the early ’70s when I gathered up all my coins and walked to a pay phone (let’s say uphill and during a blizzard for effect!) to call a college friend. I did that to avoid the extra expense on my parent’s phone bill!
      I retold myself that story as a reminder that being separated from my friend could be worse! We’ll be in touch constantly as it is.
      Hope all’s well –


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