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Sunday’s Snapshot – Airborne Nashville to Boston

March 23, 2014

banking plane

I was away this past week, visiting relatives in the Nashville area. Last night, on my flight home, I sat by a window.

Using my htc one phone I took photos out the window. I bought this phone because of the camera. I’m amazed at the quality of the daytime photos I am able to take – like the picture above which of course was taken through the airplane window, which was not spotlessly clean and also had some distortion near the bottom.

Again, in the photo above, I hope you can imagine that the plane was banking to the left, at quite an angle – like a sharp and tilted bend in a roller coaster in an amusement park – both thrilling and unnerving at the same time!

In a short while we were above the clouds and I was able to enjoy the setting of the sun on my 59th birthday.

plane wing blue sky out plane window

sunset out airplane window

I think it was because of turbulence that while still an hour from Logan airport, our destination, the plane descended rather quickly from 30,000 feet to 2000! We flew up the east coast at this low altitude.

Along the way, city lights provided a spectacular view of sparkling grid-work. This photo isn’t in good focus but I think it’s amazing focus for a cell phone struggling to work with dismal lighting! I love the left-hand side of this city where the outline of the streets is like a spider’s web. I’m thinking this might be D. C. but I’m not sure. It also might be a section of New York. Several of this type of illuminated city passed below us but I couldn’t see what was out the other side of the plane – ocean or more city, which would have been a bit of a clue about where we were.
city view overhead night

Our descent continued so that for the last 15 minutes of the flight I think we were only 500 feet over ocean water. I’ve approached Boston this way before – a long, low ride over the water. It unnerves me but at the same time, it’s so beautiful.

Safely back on the ground. Thank you Southwest Airlines pilot!

plane at Logan airport

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