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Reflecting On A New Year

January 1, 2014

Self-portrait x 2

I’ve never believed in the idea of New Year resolutions. But for some reason, in the last days of 2013, I found myself contemplating things I’d like to do in 2014. The ideas are not new to me and not one is earth shattering. In no particular order and with little commentary, here’s what I’m thinking I’d like to do in 2014.

~ study Buddhism and learn more, historically, about Jesus.
~ learn to meditate. I look forward to a greater sense of inner peace and joy through a stronger connection to The Love.
~ pray more often and more deeply for others.
~ increase the amount of time I spend outside, close to nature.
~ devote more time to my writing, including editing my third novel and completing my fourth.
~ get back into community service.
~ shift my internal clock and become more of a “morning person” and not such a “night owl.”
~ read more.
~ use my camera more.
~ establish a more exact daily routine.
~ increase my vocabulary, improve my spelling.
~ re-engage with world news by finding a source that is unbiased and commercial free and not television based, since I don’t watch t.v.
~ be more alert to true meaning when I’m listening.
~ keep the memory of my ancestors alive.
~ become more settled – it’s been three years since my divorce and other upheavals. I’m looking forward to stability.

I think that pretty much covers everything I’ve been thinking about lately. Like I said, nothing earth shattering!

Happy New Year to one and all!  

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