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Monday’s Maven – Whole Foods 365 Organic and Non GMO Berry Conserve

November 4, 2013


I always say that the only reason I eat toast is so that I can enjoy some butter and fruit jam!

For a long time I’ve been single focused on the Trappist line of jams, the blueberry being my favorite.

But in my endless quest for all things “organic” and now also Non-GMO, I came across Whole Foods “365” brand of “conserve,” which as far as my taste buds and toast are concerned is a jam or a preserve. (I’ve googled the difference between a preserve and a conserve and after three quick reads of three different sources, I don’t think the difference is enough to bother with here. I really can’t tease it out. But if you’re curious, here you go!)

I’m happy to say that this product is both organic and Non-GMO verified.

So, my new favorite fruit spread for my morning toast is in the photo above – 365 Organic Mixed Berry Conserve. It is so full of flavor! And I think the sugar content is a tad less than most commercial jams. It has 10 grams of sugar in one tablespoon. I had tried a Trader Joe’s mixed fruit organic spread that had 8 grams of sugar and it was kind of dull. The perky fruit flavor of the 365 brand just didn’t come through.

At a generous 17 ounces, this jar lasts me about three weeks, maybe four.

Give it a try and share your tastebud’s thoughts in a comment!

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