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The Moon and Fun

November 4, 2010

You know how people send all sorts of inspirational emails to you? The kind of emails that are circulating to the masses and  are meant to inspire or inform or put the fear of God in you or fill your heart with love? Also, often when you get them they have been forwarded so many times the format of the page is a mess or you have to scroll through about three screens worth of address groups to get to the actual message?

For the record, I almost never forward those emails. And, if I do, to protect my family and friends from viruses, I copy and paste the body of the message into a new email.

Today, I have received a link in an email from a friend – my preferred way to receive these unsolicited but informative emails. And the post that the link took me to is so delightfully awesome, I am bypassing the email method of spreading the charm, and blogging about it.

It will take you no more than a minute to enjoy this link.

Here’s what it says to me — 
                           Humans are fun by nature.    We forget to have fun.     We forget how to have fun.

This is fun – enjoy!
(Scroll through all eleven images, which follow the brief text.)

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