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Monday’s Maven – Chavrie Goat’s Milk Cheese

April 19, 2010

Fortunately for me, a moment of disappointment has turned into a silk purse – or a metaphor along the lines of the sow’s ear, etc.

Over the weekend, I went to the market. Goat’s cheese was on my list. Someone in the house had a craving for some. All I could find was “Chavrie” goat’s cheese. This brand comes in an upside down, flat topped pyramid-shaped, plastic container, which is nothing like the mini log shaped roll that I’d usually buy. In frustration, I bought what was there. It looks exactly like this:

And it tastes really good on these:

…and heavenly on these…

As is often the case (though I seem not to hang on to this life lesson in my moments of frustration) I love this product better than what I was disappointed not to find – the crumbly, kind-of-dry goat cheese that comes in the log (and is, admittedly, easier to crumble into a salad.)

But do you see where it says “SPREADS LIKE SILK!” on the side of the container? Well, we all know silk does not spread, but it is soft and smooth. And I think that’s what they meant. The cheese is very soft and it spreads real smooth, like silk feels – I guess is what they meant.

Plus, you’ll love this. You can take off the top, which is actually the bottom, then remove the protective foil. Then, you can set the cheese on the cover, as I show in the photo above, (the top is now the bottom), tap the sides, and voila, it falls onto the base, intact, like a flat-topped pyramid, smooth as silk, and ready to serve, goat cheese….pyramid! I love it! I can’t wait to have a party, just so I can show off my goat cheese skills! Martha Stewart, watch out.

And finally, about the nutrition: 11% sat. fat. in TWO tablespoons! And 3 grams of protein.

Sign me up. Give me more. (Actually, I’ve already had more. We finished the first container. I went back for another today.)

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