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Re: Facebook

April 14, 2010

OK. I am trying really, really hard to get the hang of facebook. And beyond getting the hang of it, I know I’m supposed to think it’s fun. But every effort takes me back to my attempts at Marco Polo, the swimming game that was also supposed to be fun. I couldn’t synchronize the breathing, the swimming, the eyes open/the eyes shut. So, it was never fun.

So, too, I’m finding with facebook.

Today, I have had to remove several failed efforts to enhance my facebook home page. Each effort ended up on my wall rather than just in the left-hand column.  Is the wall magnetized? It seems to grab anything I do and post it.

I just wanted to insert a link to this blog in the column of my home page.  So I went to the links tab and put in the link, and pressed “Post” (which is not the same as “Share,” right?) So how did the link end up on my wall in addition to being in the left-hand column?

You won’t see it if you go to look now. I had someone show me how to remove it from the wall (which also removed it from the side column.)  The remove function is becoming my favorite thing about facebook. Just like the whistle blowing for adult swim became my favorite thing during Marco Polo. Much to my relief all the kids would have to leave the pool so our parents could have a cooling off swim. 

And while our parents swam, we’d move to the tennis court where my expertise ruled.

So, here I am in the blogging court, which is no strain at all. I can also build a website and an e-shop without breaking a sweat.

What is it about facebook that I just can’t get?  Like, right now there’s a message on my wall that isn’t attached to anything. It was intended to be a cheery thumbs-up to my friend, Laura, for some great photos she posted. But it’s just dangling there like the poorly timed comment in a conversation…and all eyes are staring, saying, “What does that mean?”

So, anyway Laura, if you come by this post, I liked your photos on facebook a lot.

Oh, never mind. I was only trying to say what’s on my mind…

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