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A Picture and Words

February 19, 2014

Yesterday, I shared with you a photo by a super talented photographer, Joshi Daniel, whose blog I’ve been following on WordPress for a while. He photographs people and about half his work is in black and white.

I gave you a link yesterday to one photo in particular, Daniel’s post from February 14, titled Weary. Rather than post the photo on my site, I gave you the link to Daniel’s site so that you could see it in his site’s design, which showcases his work so well.

I didn’t want to talk about my impressions of the photo until you had a chance to see it. So, I hope you have and that you’ve experienced your own thoughts and reaction. For several days after the photo was posted, Daniel received a steady stream of likes and comments – all complimentary.

As for me, although I’m always amazed by Daniel’s work, this photo took my breath away. Immediately, I saw eternity in this image of a woman. I see her as the eternal, female, divine love.

Since first seeing the photograph, I have thought how that image said more than I could ever manage to write even if I wrote a novel about the woman – who I see as every woman.

As a photographer, I know how an image can convey enormous emotion and thought. And it’s really impossible to express in words what some images show – like Daniel’s photo.

Still, I challenge you writers to try to write what you saw when you first looked at Daniel’s photograph. And I think you know I don’t mean that you are to try to describe the photo, but try to say what it conveys to you.

I’ll do the same and perhaps share what I write here at sublime days. If you like, please share your writing in the comments or share a link to your writing.

This exercise is not meant to trivialize the photo. On the contrary, it’s meant to compliment Joshi Daniel. I don’t think words can match what he’s captured.

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  1. February 21, 2014 5:27 am

    I admit this is a great photography. I find extremely difficult to photograph the soul, to make the eye to listen before it looks. Great work indeed.


    • February 21, 2014 3:32 pm

      Thanks Dugutigui – Joshi Daniel is quite a photographer, well worth following.



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