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Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Into My Home

July 9, 2010



I’ve mentioned in this blog lots of times that I write a photo blog about a pond near my house. I love the blog. It’s called SilverLining because it’s been the silver lining in my life for more than three years now. 

Once a day, at least, I get up from my desk and I head out the door with my Nikon D40. I walk about a sixty paces and I’m at a small pond where, for three and a half years as I walk around it through all seasons, I’ve become far better acquainted with nature than ever before in my life. Sometimes I wonder if I had the same wonder for the natural world in my childhood, the toddler years. I think it’s likely. I was outside most of the day and most of the time was spent exploring the fields and woods around my house. 

I’m not a professional photographer. In fact I know very little about my camera and picture-taking. I just do my best to get good focus, I pray for good lighting, and I let nature show itself to me. The photo above, which I took just yesterday, is no prize winner, but it’s awfully sweet! 

Last night as I sat working at my computer, a bug like the one above (did in come into the house with me?), flew onto my computer screen. I was so happy! At long last one of my outdoor pals came in to see me and to have a good look at my world! For half an hour or more it crawled all around my screen and the frame of the computer. 

It spent a good deal of time studying the latch. In fact it crawled inside it.
And it did a little exploring at the highest point. See how cleverly I’ve cropped the next shot…!? (Lower left corner…)And below, my visitor unwittingly causes a great plug for the client whose site I was working on! 

For the naturalists among you, I believe (I always use that qualifier as I’m no more a naturalist than I am a photographer) that this is a Convergent Ladybug. 

Happy weekend.

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